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* Call Michael Koudelka
* Calling to Saga  P.D.Brown

* Call to Frigg, Mother of the Folk  Winifred Rose
* Call to Frigg, the Silent Knower  Winifred Rose
* Call to Loki  Alice Karlsdóttir  
* Call to Loki Elizabeth Vongvisith  
* Call to Ran  Patricia LaFayllve 
* Call to the Folk Mark Ludwig Stinson
* Call to Thor Ayla Wolffe
* Candle Prayer Michaela Macha
* Candlemas Hymn
Raven Kaldera
* Carry On Corey Lyon
* Casting About Sarenth Odinsson
* Castle Walls Robert Falkenstein
* Catching Freya Michael Schütz
* Caveat Lector  Michaela Macha

* Cellular Memory Karen Emanuelson
* Chance Would Be a Fine Thing John Macintyre 
* Chant of the God Bölverk Hoen Falker
* Chant to Frigga Hoen Falker
* Chant to Great Frey Hoen Falker
* Chant to Iormungand Raven Kaldera
* Chant to the Great One-Eyed Hoen Falker
* Chant to the Night of the Eagle Hoen Falker
Chicago Wassail
Hilla Hamasdohtor
* Chieftain and Tribe Wolf Helser
* Children of Aesir and Vanir Michael Schütz
* Children of the Gap  Shawn Rowland
* Choose Matthias Wilson 
* Chooser Michaela Macha
* Choosers of the Slain Kacey Grannis
* Choose Your Words Carefully Johnny Whitebread
* Christmas Dream Blennerhassette

* Closing Benediction Nornoriel Vanyahildë
* Closing Prayer to Nerthus Galina Krasskova
* Cloud-Spinner Raven Kaldera

* Cold Rain Alan Hodgson 
* Collecting Maple Sap at Ravenstead   Jonathan Cyr

* Come Again John T Mainer
* Come, All Ye Heathens Michaela Macha
* Come Away to the Skies Michaela Macha
* Come One, Come All Anna Stockinger
* Come to the Well Michaela Macha
* Come Ye Heathens Larisa C Hunter
* Community Wolf Helser

* Concern
Michaela Macha
* Consumed M.C. Daimler  
* Contemplating a Tour Karen Emanuelson
* Contemplations Galina Krasskova
* Contentment Michaela Macha  
* Control Sarenth Odinsson
* Conversation with a Corpse  James Smith

* Corvus Corax   Charles L. Weatherford
* Counting Rhyme for Crows Michaela Macha
* Counting Rhyme for Magpies Michaela Macha
* Counting Rhyme for Magpies Matthias Wilson
* Counting Rhyme for Ravens Michaela Macha
* Counting Song  Diana L. Paxson 
* Courting Skadhi Sophie Reicher
* Coventry Lullaby Analemma M. Burrows

* Crafted with Care Alexander Hall
* Crossing Michaela Macha
* Crossing the Bridge Ungandiz 
* Crowning Glory Glenn Bergen
* Cry Michaela Macha
* Cry to the Ancestors Sarenth Odinsson

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