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Freya & Odhr

* Freya's Ragnarok Angela "Ember" Cooke
Freya´s Halls Ayla Wolffe 
* Song for Freya Karl Donaldsson - lyrics & mp3 
* To the Lady  Matt Ottercat
* Lady of the Vanir  Alice Karlsdóttir 

* Old Love  Michaela Macha
* Trial  Michaela Macha

* Bright Enchantress Lorrie Wood
* Sea Goddess Passion Erik Goodwyn
* Lady of Cats Christie Ward
* Freya Kimberley Remen
* An Encounter with Freyja Jeff Wolf

"Let me seek you in my desire,
Let me desire you in my seeking.
Let me find you by loving you,
Let me love you when I find you."
- St. Anselm

* Tears in the Ocean Michaela Macha
* Brisingamen Cameron La Follette
* Freya’s Cat Dennis Echternach
* A Morning Prayer for Freya Kira R.
* For Freyja Jeff Wolf

* Brisingamen  Ann Groa Sheffield 

* Freya Summoning Song Patricia Lafayllve
* Od  (Freya´s Search)
Michaela Macha
* Freyja  Alan Hodgson
* Freyja! Freyjashetja 

"She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes" - Lord Byron

* Invitation  Karen Emanuelson
* Freyja  Patricia LaFayllve
* A Journey To Ecstasy Ayla Wolffe
* Freyja Sun-Wing Cameron La Follette
* Vanadis Jenny Blain 

* Vanadis Matthias

* ?Divine Suffering? Puck

* The Claiming Wayne Earl
* Talon And Claw Ayla Wolffe & Danny Harbison 
* Catching Freya Michael Schütz

"In your light I learn how to love.
 In your beauty, how to make poems.
 You dance inside my chest,
 where no one sees you,   
 but sometimes I do,
 and that sight becomes this art."
- Rumi

* Freya's Cup of Passion Michael Schütz
* Sweet Lust of Freyja Bill Haile
* Falcon Dream  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Goddess of Love and Fertility Bashir Sarieddine
* Homecoming (The Claiming Part II) Wayne Earl

* Folkvanger´s Chosen Andre Mendes 
* Freyja Jonathan Cyr 
* Amidst the 13 Moons  Matilda Marks
* Freya Hilary Ayer
* Tears of Gold Carrie Rowland

* Waiting  Lori Brown-Scheel
* Brisingamen  Andre Mendes 
* Freya Calls Rainwalker
* Lady Freya Vivian
* Freya Jackie Hannigan 

* Freya´s Gift Jackie Hannigan 
* Blot to Frey and Freya Dan (Daniel T.) Campbell
* Freya´s Nine Names Rhonda Turner
* The Coming of Freya Jim Davis 
* The Sun for a Tear Bill Haile

* Freyja Shivos 
* Invocation to Freya Erik Goodwyn
* Freyja's Warrior Bill Haile
* A Sacrifice to Freya Michael Schütz
* Blessing of Patience and Love Darí Einarfjórđison

* Nidavellir Invocation Pagan Book of Hours
* Invocation to Frey and Freya Pagan Book of Hours
* Mayday! (not a children´s story) John T Mainer
* Haiku Freyja: I & II Rebecca Buchanan
* Hymn to Freyja I Rebecca Buchanan

* Hymn to Freyja II Rebecca Buchanan
* Hymn to Freyja III Rebecca Buchanan
* Prayer to Freya Galina Krasskova
* Prayer to Freya II Galina Krasskova
* Your Face Kolag Hraban

* Odhr Kolag Hraban
* Freya´s Rose Michael Schütz
* Beautiful Freyja Glenn Bergen
* Freyja Diana Paxson
* Adorations of Freya
Maris Pái

* The First Lesson Maris Pái
* Freya Galina Krasskova
* Lady of Love Michaela Macha
* The Golden Red Lady, Sweet Beauty Erik Goodwyn
* Brisingamen Hazel-Kate Dooley

* Freyja Maris Pái
* Devotional Poem to Freya Sarenth Odinsson
* Adorations of Freya Sarenth Odinsson
* Prayers for Odh Marius-Creb
* Freyja' s Journey (story) Glenn Bergen

Picture: © Hrana Janto, http://hranajanto.com, used with License.

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