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"Um. What’s the word for things not being the same always. You know, I’m sure there is one. 
The thing that lets you know time is happening. Is there a word?"- "Change."- "Oh. I was afraid of that..." 
- "The Sandman", Neil Gaiman

* Call to Loki  Alice Karlsdóttir
* Loki the Fool  Alice Karlsdóttir
* Binding of the Wolf  Jezreell
* To Loki Jordsvin
* A Poem to Loki  Carol Robe

"Tricksters have that robust sense of humour 
that puts a landmine under a seat cushion for a bit of a laugh."- Terry Pratchett  

* The Binding Ones Michaela Macha
* Full Cycle Michaela Macha

* Loki´s Wedding Gift Nick Ford 
* Loki´s loose David Hoyt Johnson
* Hymn to Loki Elizabeth Vongvisith

"Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. 
Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." - Terry Pratchett

* Call to Loki Elizabeth Vongvisith  
* Loki Galina Krasskova  
* Bringer of Gifts Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Jotun Invocation Larisa C Hunter  
* Loki, I call you Eric Wolfsbane 

* Sly Trickster Justin Douglas Blackford 
* Spider in the Web  Ungandiz
* A Passionate Poem to Loki Dan Nielsen
* Trickster Sophie Oberlander
* Loki´s Song  Mikal Hrafspa

"O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive..." - Sir Walter Scott

* Thor and Loki  HammeR
* Contemplating a Tour Karen Emanuelson
* Tale of the Anti-Hero Karen Emanuelson 
* The Loki!
Lukas Benedikt 
* Ode to Loki Dorte Janussen  

* Piece Of Me (Loki Remix) Mikki Fraser
I Kissed a Girl (Loki Remix) Mikki Fraser
* The Fool Karen Emanuelson 
* Loki Jim Davis 
* Loki Robert Etter

May you create interesting times!

* Praise to Loki  Dorte Janussen
* Loki Poem Carol Robe
* Pass it on  Michaela Macha
* Invocation Tracy Nichols
* Poem to the God Loki Hoen Falker

* Asa-Loki Wayland Skallagrimsson 
* Invocation to Loki Galina Krasskova
* To Freyja´s Wedding
Larisa C Hunter
* Freya’s Wedding Larisa C Hunter (Song version)
* Hearth Fire K. C. Hulsman

* My Loki Jim Wise
* Prayer Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Paean Galina Krasskova
* Invocation to Loki
Pagan Book of Hours

* A Devotion of Binding Salena Levy
* Lokasenna Ćsctun Ţórolf Vinđlér-Lókasson
* Tough Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Loki Sky Walker  Salena Levy
* Metamorphosis Refr Galtung

* Song at the End of the World  Evergrey Lokadottr
* Invocation Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Some Say He’s Bound Jeff Wolf
* Invocation of Loki Sarenth Odinsson
* Loki’s Gifts Sarenth Odinsson

* Hail Be To Thee
K.C. Hulsman
* Devoted to Loki: 99 Adorations Salena Levy
* Hailing Loki Galina Krasskova

* Kennings of Loki Galina Krasskova
* Loki Dryad Wood

* Sonnet 33 Marius-Creb
* 99 Adorations to Loki Talas Pái
* My God HeartsNeverBreak
* A Little Lukey is More than Enough John T Mainer (story)
* Laufey's Son Raven Kaldera (story)

* Beloved
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Lost and Found
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Exchange
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Opening of the House Salena Levy

* Ragnarök - Loki's Song Thesilée
* Loki, God of Heat Galina Krasskova  
* Thanks to Loki Sarenth Odinsson
* Loke's Lullaby Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth
* Hail Loki Galina Krasskova

* Loki, Lover of Misfits Laura Patsouris
* A Prayer to the Scar-Lipped God Sophie Reicher
* A Prayer to Loki Galina Krasskova
* Prayer to Loki Galina Krasskova
* Adorations of Loki Sarenth Odinsson

* I Am Weary Sarenth Odinsson
* I Find You Sarenth Odinsson
* Flyting Sarenth Odinsson
* Shapeshifter Sarenth Odinsson
* Exchange Sarenth Odinsson

* Control Sarenth Odinsson
* Bridge Sarenth Odinsson
* Casting About Sarenth Odinsson
* Plight Sarenth Odinsson
* Thanks Sarenth Odinsson

* Son of Leafy Isle Sarenth Odinsson
* Endurance Sarenth Odinsson
* Unsparing Sarenth Odinsson
* Tremor Sarenth Odinsson
* Guidance Sarenth Odinsson

* Remembrance Sarenth Odinsson
* Truth and Consequences Sarenth Odinsson
* Fire Dance Sarenth Odinsson
* Gifts Sarenth Odinsson
* Turnaround Sarenth Odinsson

* The King and the Jester (story)
Sir Hattington

"I know that you have been untrue
I know that you have been a liar
But I want to say to you
Boy, we can get so much higher

Come on Loki, light my fire
Come on Loki, light my fire
Try to set the worlds on fire

The time to stay in caves is through
No time to wallow in the mire
Try now we will all expire
And our worlds become a funeral pyre

Come on Loki, light my fire
Come on Loki, light my fire
Try to set the worlds on fire...!"  - Not quite The Doors

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