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* Mani Galina Krasskova
* Mani: A Glimpse of the Moon God Fuensanta Arismendi
* Mani and Me Ayla Wolffe
* Mani, Mani, Mani Michaela Macha
* Man Is the Joy of Man Ayla Wolffe
* Mani's Whispers Wanderer Tom
* March Angantyr
* Marked M. C. Daimler  
* Masks  Michaela Macha
* Master of the Tree Galina Krasskova
* Masters in This Hall Anna Stockinger 
* Mayday! (not a children´s story) John T Mainer
* May I be Broken Galina Krasskova
* May Life Always Grant You...  Michaela Macha (trad., adapted)
* May our Warriors be Strong Loraine Canaday
* May The Road Rise Up To Meet You Michaela Macha (trad., adapted)

* Meadfire M. C. Daimler
* Mead of Poetry Cameron La Follette
* Mead-Wall Analemma McKee Burrows 
* Me and Hel  Raven Kaldera 
* Meditations on the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem  Jim Davis
* Meeting Sinthgunt Galina Krasskova
* Meetings on the Way John T Mainer
* Meinherjar Invocation Pagan Book of Hours
* Memorial John T Mainer
* Memorial Day Prayer Galina Krasskova
* Mentors of Mind/Body Rhonda Turner
* Merry Yule and Mothers' Night Michaela Macha
* Merry Yuletide Karl Donaldsson
* Messages  Fjolnirsvin
* Metamorphosis
Refr Galtung

* Midgard´s Isle (Gilligan´s Island Filk) Michaela Macha
* Midsommar (Sol against Mani) Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth
* Midsummer Blessing  Rhonda Turner 
* Midsummer Prayer K. C. Hulsman
* Midsummer Song Frigga Asraaf
* Mistletoe Sorn Skald & Patricia
* Midwinter Frigga Asraaf  
* Midwintersong Gudrun Victoria Gotved  
* Mighty Thor Justin L. O'Brien
* Mighty Yggdrasil Glenn Bergen
* Mimir Michaela Macha
* Mimir
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Mimir Galina Krasskova
* Mirage Michaela Macha
* Mirrors Galina Krasskova

* Mjolnir  Robert Etter  
* Modgud Michaela Macha
* Modranecht
Anna Stockinger  
* Moon Blessing Darí Einarfjórðison
* Moon-Hunger Galina Krasskova
* Moonlight Fylgia Michael Schütz
* Moon Song Galina Krasskova
* Mordgud
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Mordgud’s Blot Pagan Book of Hours

* Morning Prayer to Sunna Galina Krasskova
* Morning Song for Frey Jenny Blain

Mortraeth's Song   Arthur McLean 
* Mother Earth K. C. Hulsman
* Mother Jord Glenn Bergen
* Mother of Monsters Galina Krasskova
* Mother´s Night Victoria Clare
* Mothers' Night Jeff Wolf

* Motivated Uthyr
* Mound -Alf  Jenny Blain
* Mound Maiden Michaela Macha
* Mourning Song Ann Gróa Sheffield

* Mundilfari´s Kin Jackie Hannigan 
* Munin  Jenny Blain
* Munin's Return Louis Buccellato (Alföðrsulf)

* My Closest Enemies Jessica Martin 
* My Father Eddie-David Berrier
* My Fulltrui is Frey the Bold Michaela Macha
* My God HeartsNeverBreak
* My Gods Are Rougher Jim Wise
* My Gods, Your Love Michaela Macha
* My Grotto Neal Grout
* My Guardian Fylgja Glenn Bergen
* My Journey Through the Nine Worlds Caleb Gordon
* My Loki Jim Wise
* My name is not my own Vincent Enlund
* Mysteries Gathered Jackie Hannigan 
* My Storm (Thunor invoking Loki) Jim Davis 
* My Time Has Come Michaela Macha

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