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All Gods & Goddesses together
See also: Community: Prayers, Blessings and Troth, Asatru

* Riddle Song  Michaela Macha
* A Traveler´s Prayer Hithrael
* Gods of my Life Michaela Macha

* Over Midgard So Wide
Michaela Macha
* A´s for the Aesir Michaela Macha

* Meetings on the Way John T Mainer
* The Call of the Gods Michael Schütz
* The Call of the Gods (Song) Michael Schütz
* A Poem for my Gods Patricia

* Ask and Embla Michael Schütz
* Know ye the Gods ? Jackie Hannigan 
* Asgardur Birgitta Jonsdottir  
* They've Got all Midgard in Their Hands Michaela Macha
* Contentment Michaela Macha

* Green grow the rushes-o Thorskegga Thorn
* My Gods Are Rougher Jim Wise
* Asgard Invocation
 Pagan Book of Hours
* Vanaheim Invocation Pagan Book of Hours
* Alin and the Rainbow Bridge (story) J. Stockwell

* On the Way Michael Schütz
* All the Gods Jeff Wolf
* Mentors of Mind/Body Rhonda Turner
* Driving Out Michaela Macha
* A Day's Journey Into Night Maris Pái

* Love Letter Mooncraft
* Heart to the Hammer Cameron Eubanks
* Foresight Jeff Wolf
* With the Aesir Side by Side Michaela Macha
* See the Rainbow Shining Bright Michaela Macha

* With Me In Every Thought Glenn Bergen
* Way Home Michaela Macha
* A Small Ode to the Gods Skirar Silfrinlogi
* The Aesir's Call  Michaela Macha

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Image: "The Northern Gods Descending",William Gersham Collingwood, 1890