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(also Th, except poems starting with "The...")

* Tale of the Anti-Hero Karen Emanuelson 
* Talon And Claw Ayla Wolffe & Danny Harbison 
* Tameka´s Choice (Story) Matthias Wilson 
* Tattoo Michaela Macha
* Tears in the Ocean Michaela Macha

* Tears of Gold Carrie Rowland
* Tew  
Charles L.Weatherford 
* Timeless Michaela Macha
* Thankful am I Dan Ralph Miller
* Thanks Sarenth Odinsson
* Thanksgiving Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Thanks to Loki Sarenth Odinsson

* Their Voice
 Michaela Macha
* These Gods are Your Gods Michaela Macha
* These Woods  Joe Mandato
* They Call Me Hanging Johnny trad./anon.
* They Say You Are Gone Patricia Lafayllve
* They've Got all Midgard in Their Hands Michaela Macha
* They Will Come (story) Everett A. Warren 
* Thirst Galina Krasskova
* 13 Goddesses Hazel-Kate Dooley
* 31 Adorations to Hreðe Galina Krasskova
* This Heartfelt Hug Dan Ralph Miller
* This Is How We Die Jake Ortega 
* Thjalfi Robert Etter

* Thor Justin Douglas Blackford
* Thor Michael Schütz
* T-H-O-R Mike Hicks
* Thor Jackie Hannigan 
* Thor Charles L.Weatherford 
* Thor Robert Etter
* Thor Shivos 
* Thor Wolf Helser
* Thor Dryad Wood
* Thor Maris Pái
* Thor Acrostic Ben Waggoner

* Thor and Loki  HammeR
* Thor & Sif Kol
* Thor Approaches Kriselda Jarnsaxa
* Thor Bashes Etins Diana Paxson
* Thorbjorn's Ride Karen Kahan
* Thor Chant Angela Turner-Carlson
* Thor Chant (Hey ho) Michaela Macha
* Thor is Your Friend Michaela Macha
* Thor, Master of Clouds Gunn-Thora
* Thor - Ruler of Skies  Rommelio Valerio
* Thor's Fishing Trip Sorn Skald 
* Thor's Hammer Darí Einarfjórðison
* Thor's Hammer Stolen Robert Etter
* Thor's Mighty Hammer Carol Robe
* Thor's Salvation Robert Etter
* Thorstein's Hearth-Tale Alan Hodgson 
* Thor's Theme Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth
* Thor the Mighty Cameron La Follette
* Thor the Upright Michael Schütz
* Thor's Three-Fold Gift  Robert "Hrodberht" Etter
* Thor (Thunor) Galina Krasskova
* Thor to Sif Hilary Ayer 

* Thread of Fate Kolag Hraban
* Three Brothers Jeff Wolf
* Three Fine Swords (prose) Matthias Wilson 
* Three Fires Michaela Macha
* Three Haikus for Idun Rebecca Buchanan
* Three Ways  Michaela Macha
* Thrill Michaela Macha
* Through Time and Tide Diana Paxson
* Thrud´s Abduction Robert Etter
* Thrym´s Wedding Ann Gróa Sheffield
* Thunder Hithrael 
* Thunderer Jackie Hannigan 
* Thunder Rumbles Froði Hárson 
* Thunderstorm Hymn Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Thusnelda Roger Zacharias

* Tide of Harvest Laurel Mendes
* Ties Michaela Macha
* Til Gimle Lavrans Reimer-Møller
* Time Off Robert Etter
* Time to Go Michael Schütz
* Tines (Secrets of the Tree)  Rob Crocker
* ´Tis to the Watery Halls of Ran Jackie Hannigan 
* Tiw´s Prayer / Tiwesbed  Swain Wodening Canote

* To a New Odinsman Michaela Macha
* Today We Celebrate Michaela Macha

* Toast to Frigga   Gary Penzler
* Toast to Odin   Gary Penzler
* Toast to Thor   Gary Penzler
* To Be Christian or Not to be Christian? Telsa Gwynne 
* To Be Yours Kolag Hraban
* To Death, Who I Visit Often Joshua Tenpenny
* To Fate Justin L. O'Brien
* To Frey   Ingeborg S. Nordén   
* To Freyja´s Wedding Larisa C Hunter
* To Hela, Who Owns My Ass Raven Kaldera
* To Honor Our Faithful Companions Glenn Bergen
* To Idunna  Diana Paxson
* To Keep The Troth Diana Paxson
* To Loki   Jordsvin 
* To Nerthus  Diana Paxson
* Tonight Justin L. O'Brien
* To Njord Diana Paxson
* To Odin Jeff Wolf
* To Odin Amanda Sioux Blake
* To Odin, God of Words Fjolnirsvin
* Tools of Frith  Dan Miller
* To Ran Lori Brown-Scheel 
* To Sjofn Jeff Wolf
* To Sunna Larisa C Hunter
* To the Lady  Matt Ottercat
* To the Folk, their Eyes and Ears  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* To Thunor Jim Davis
* To Tyr Diana Paxson
* Touched by the Gods Michael Schütz
* Tough Elizabeth Vongvisith
* To Var Hazel-Kate Dooley 
* To Vinland  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* Tower At The Edge Of All Rachel E. Bailey (Story)

* Transcendent Love Nornoriel Vanyahildë
* Tree of Life Alexander Hall
Tree of Pain John T Mainer
* Tree of Time Michaela Macha
* Tremor Sarenth Odinsson
* Trespass Galina Krasskova
* Triad Eddie-David Berrier
* Trial  Michaela Macha
* Trialogue Michaela Macha
* Tribute Raven Kaldera
* Tribute to Tyr and Zisa  Rhonda Turner
* Trickster Sophie Oberlander
* Troth Jackie Hannigan 
* Troth Magic  Juleigh Howard-Hobson 
* Truth  Michaela Macha
* Truth and Consequences Sarenth Odinsson
* Truth of Blood John T Mainer

* Turnaround Sarenth Odinsson
* Turning of the seasons  Matt Ottercat 

* 'Twas the Ancestors' Night Michaela Macha
* 'Twas the Night Before Yuletide Mikki Fraser
* Twelfth Night K. C. Hulsman
* Twelve Days of Yuletide The Folk of HrafnStong
* 28 Adorations to Eostre Galina Krasskova
* 28 Adorations to Mani Galina Krasskova
* Twist & Weave K. C. Hulsman
* Two Journeys To Hel Glenn Bergen
* Two Poets at Word-Play Michaela Macha
* Two Ravens Jeremy Hirst
* two ravens. xxRaiinn
* Two within the Tree  Rhonda Turner

* Tyr Ayla Wolffe
* Tyr Galina Krasskova
* Tyr, God of the Morning Michaela Macha
* Tyr:God Of War Glenn Bergen
* Tyr´s Bride Alexa Duir 
* Tyr's Day K.C. Hulsman
* Tyr of the Old World  Matthias Wilson 
* Tyr Song Math Jones
* Tyr´s Watch John T Mainer

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