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Good harvest and peace - Ar ok fridhr !

* To Frey Ingeborg S. Nordén 
* Praise to Frey, the Lord of Peace Ingeborg S. Nordén
* Hail Ingvi! Mike Hicks
* Ing Wayne Earl 
Skidhbladhnir  Jordsvin 

* Green Hauk
* The Pole Stone Dan Nielsen
* What Shall We Sing to Frey Michaela Macha
* Almighty Frey  Math Jones 
* Fro of the Dance Math Jones 

Praise be to Freyr! Siegfried Goodfellow 
* The Marriage of Freyr and Gerd Donaldsson, Karl
* The Claiming of Gerd Jack Hart
* Holy Horned Lord  Rhonda Turner
* Lifted Horns Boars´s Heart

* For Freyr Boars´s Heart
* A Seed in His Hand (story) Matthias Wilson
* Prayer to Frey, God of the Body Michaela Macha
* Prayer to Frey, God of Fertility Michaela Macha

* In Praise of Frey M.C. Daimler

* Morning Song for Frey Jenny Blain
* Frey´s Ride  Andre Mendes
* A Hymn to Frey  Patricia LaFayllve 
* Blot to Frey and Freya Dan (Daniel T.) Campbell 
* Invocation to Ing Steve Wilson

Frey´s True Love
Robin Herne  
* The Lay of Man´s Shild Shawn Rowland
* My Fulltrui is Frey the Bold Michaela Macha
* Ing Frea Festival Prayer / Ingui Fréan Fréoldæg Bede  Swain Wodening Canote 

* A Bede to Ing  Swain Wodening Canote

* Ings Sanctuary Robert Owens
* Freyr & Freya Ayla Wolffe
* Ingwi Prayer (Ingui Bed) Swain Wodening
* Chant to Great Frey Hoen Falker
* Hail, Frey
Boar's Heart

* The Hungry Golden God Galina Krasskova
* Hail the Golden God Galina Krasskova
* Untitled Ayla Wolffe
* A Frey Chant Larisa C Hunter
* In The Garden of Frey Larisa C Hunter  (with Michaela Macha)

* Invocation to Frey Pagan Book of Hours
* Golden One Raven Kaldera
* Frey Haiku Jeff Wolf
* Frey Jeff Wolf
* Frey, my Good Friend Jeff Wolf

* Stag's Proposal Robert Shawn Rowland
* Adorations of Frey
Maris Pái
* Lammastide Elizabeth Vongvisith
* A Prayer to Ingvi Shirl Sazynski
* Ing's Bede Robert Shawn Rowland

* Frey Galina Krasskova
* Frej is a Good Friend Jeff Wolf
* 63 Adorations of Lord Ingui
Helio Pires
* Frey John T Mainer
* Prayer for Light Joshua Tenpenny

* All The Days Joshua Tenpenny
* Freyr's Despair Glenn Bergen
* Harvest Lord Tracy Nichols
* Freyrsman’s Curse Gullin Freyrson
* Verboten View Gullin Freyrson

* A Daily Prayer Nornoriel Vanyahildë
* Closing Benediction Nornoriel Vanyahildë
* A Gift for a Gift Nornoriel Vanyahildë
* Transcendent Love Nornoriel Vanyahildë

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