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"There is no such thing as a one-sided coin."-The Sandman

* Consumed M.C. Daimler
* I met a man  Matt Ottercat
* Woden´s Gift  Arlea Hunt-Anschütz
* Valfodur´s Grief  Math Jones
* The Call Eilthireach

* Questions
Michaela Macha
* Prayers to Odin Michaela Macha
* Duplicity Justin Douglas Blackford

* Lamentation Hauk
* Ballad to Odin Erik Goodwyn
"Life is nothing unless you're obsessed." - John Waters

* One Life Michaela Macha
* Hail Odin Brad Shelby
* Sorrow Kolag Hraban
* Elusive Michaela Macha
* Odin Jeff Wolf

* Grim´s Wyrd Paul Walker
* A Prayer to Odin Galina Krasskova
* Master of the Tree Galina Krasskova
* Bliss-Bringer Galina Krasskova
* Wish Michaela Macha

"Every desire has a relation to madness." - Luce Irigaray

* Cry Michaela Macha
* Wind That´s Always Turning Michaela Macha
* The Ballad of the Slain *4ofwands
* Insight Michael Schütz (story)

* When the Wolf Wind Blows Jeremy Hirst
* The Long Road Lorrie Wood
* Ghost Story Jeremy Hirst
* Raven Wing Jeremy Hirst
* Allfather Jeremy Hirst

WOD - What Odin Does - M.M.

* Odin´s Rune Song Jack Hart
* Once in a Dream Michaela Macha
* Way to Work Michaela Macha
* Setting Up Odin  
Robert James Etter
* Odin the Mystic Michael Schütz 

* Upside Down Michaela Macha
* Fulltrui Prayer Michaela Macha
* Nine Have I Known Bari Mandelbaum

* All Father Haunts ~L~
* Questions Kolag Hraban

"Mysteries should not be explained - they should be experienced.
That is the way of Odin." - Author unknown to me

* You God of Many Names Kolag Hraban
* To Be Yours Kolag Hraban
* Valknut
Kolag Hraban
* Odin and Loki Jim Wise

* The Meditative Trance Joshua Gillaugh
* Bare Neck Jim Wise
* Great Odin Jake Ortega
* The Last Time Jake Ortega
* Odin, the Crosser of Boundaries Michael Schütz

"Wodan, id est furor!" ("Wodan, that is fury") - Adam of Bremen

* Guest at the Feast John T Mainer
* Hanging Man Stephanie Miller

* Odin Elizabeth Vongvisith  
* Wind, Wind, Wind Michaela Macha
* Ygg Dan Nielsen  

* Ramblings of Wod Louis Buccellato
* To Odin, God of Words Fjolnirsvin
* Yours Michaela Macha
* Wode John T Mainer
* 148 Adorations of Odin Galina Krasskova

"It's better to burn out than to fade away" - Neil Young

* Odin´s calling!
John T Mainer
* Fusion Justin Douglas Blackford 
* A Valknut Dream Len Levenda
* Ash-Born Justin Douglas Blackford 
* One Of Odin´s Now Michaela Macha

* Masks  Michaela Macha
* Who Started it all (To Odin)
 Michaela Macha
* At the Well 
Michaela Macha
* Ninth Night 
Michaela Macha
* Wearing the Valknot
 Michaela Macha

"Do you know what I want? Do you want what I know?" - M.M.

* Three Ways  Michaela Macha
* The Song of Odin  Michaela Macha
* I Follow the High One  Michaela Macha
* Short Poems of Devotion Michaela Macha
* A Dream
 Michaela Macha

* On the Road  Michaela Macha
* The Guest  Michaela Macha
* He came to me one evening  Michaela Macha
* The Watcher  Michaela Macha
* Wodan Chant  Michaela Macha

"Change is the only constant." - Herakleitos of Ephesus

* Fighter´s Farewell  Michaela Macha
* Warrior´s Welcome
Michaela Macha
* Einherjars´ End 
Michaela Macha
* Fenris Unleashed  Michaela Macha
* The Moves of Odin Michael Schütz

* For Odin  Jordsvin 
* Driven by Odin  Michael Schütz
* The Ferryman Justin Douglas Blackford

* With Odin Justin Douglas Blackford 
* Marked M. C. Daimler

 "And this gray spirit yearning in desire
To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought...
" - "Ulysses", Lord Alfred Tennyson

* The Boatman Joshua Koed
* The Hunter´s Moon Justin Douglas Blackford
* The I in Mimir´s Well Winifred Hodge Rose
* Odin Dan Nielsen
* Breathe In Michaela Macha

* Storm M C Daimler

* Odin Song Diana Paxson
* Little Drummer Boy  Alexis Coleman
* Wod Jim Wise
* Wolf Priest Jim Wise

"I will know thee and I will serve thee."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, "Unknown God"

* Serving Odin (Part I) Galina Krasskova
* Pilgrimage Galina Krasskova  
* Odin Chant Diana Paxson 
* The Silent Moon Justin Douglas Blackford
* Purposes Justin Douglas Blackford

* Alone Galina Krasskova
* Breath Galina Krasskova
* Hear me, Beloved Galina Krasskova
* Jul Fire Galina Krasskova
* Ordeal Galina Krasskova

"And thou hast girded me with strength unto battle..." - Psalm 18:39

* Serpentine Galina Krasskova
* Surrender Galina Krasskova
* The Tree of Ancients Galina Krasskova
* Trespass Galina Krasskova
* Untitled I Galina Krasskova

* Untitled II Galina Krasskova
* Valknot Galina Krasskova
* Warning Galina Krasskova
I will Hail the Bold God Galina Krasskova
* Where You Wander Galina Krasskova

"Yes, I know from where I came,
Never sated like the flame,
My burning is consuming me.
Light becomes all that I grasp,
Charcoal all that I unclasp,
Flame I am most certainly." - Friedrich Nietzsche,

"Ecce Homo: How One Becomes What One Is", 1888, transl. by me

~ The Wild Hunt ~~~~~~

* Come Away to the Skies Michaela Macha
* On Yulés Night Hildiwulf
* The Hunt Rides Tonight  Laure Lynch
* Woden Rides Stormerne Hunt-Anschütz
* Odhin or Calling Down The Hunt Ron Smith

* Asgardsreien (The Wild Hunt) 19th c., Johan S. Welhaven
* The Hunter Laurel Mendes

* The Wild Hunt  Rhonda Turner
* Wode John T Mainer
* Wodan´s Hunt KveldúlfR Gundarsson

* Staffan Stalledräng
Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* The Wild Hunt Johnny Whitebread
* Wild Hunt Ljón Bragrman
* Wild Hunt Song KveldúlfR Gundarsson
* The Hunt (story) Sarah Wassber

* The Wild Hunt Glenn Bergen
* Blota i moti vetri Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth
“Wanderer calls me the world,
Far have I carried my feet,
On the back of the earth
I have boundlessly been...”
- R. Wagner (Forman’s tr.)

* Dark Places Galina Krasskova
* Burning Tree Galina Krasskova
* Breathe into me Galina Krasskova
* Praise to the Battle-Lord Galina Krasskova
* Prayer to Woden Galina Krasskova

* Hunger Galina Krasskova
* May I be Broken Galina Krasskova
* Odin´s Ride Eric Wolfsbane
* The Lament of a Father ~spiderjesus42
* Wod  Galina Krasskova  

"He is the breath of the gods, the seed of the world,
He moves by the will of his own voice.
His roar is heard, his form is never seen.
To the powerful Wind, let us offer this song."
 - Hymn to Vayu, Rig Veda 10.168

* Battle Hymn of Odin Ish 
* Hunter´s Moon Hilla Hamasdohtor
* Are You Strong Enough Laure Lynch
* Song of Praise to Odin  Ingeborg S. Nordén

* Odin´s Wraith Returns Gunnolfr Odinsson
* Nauthiz Matilda Marks

* Wotan (Heart of You) Matilda Marks 
* Stars  Matilda Marks 

"Day in. Day out. Ever with me. In my mind, in my words, in all.
A moment does not pass without you - Not a single day spent alone in Midgard."
- Northvegr, JNS Vol.4 No2 Vár 2003

* The Wandering One Matilda Marks  
* "Odin"  Michaela Macha  
* Grimnir Reborn  Justin Douglas Blackford 
* Come Again John T Mainer
* Odin (Woden) Galina Krasskova 

* All-Father Galina Krasskova 

* Odin Hanging from Yggdrasil Siegfried Goodfellow 
* Valfather Ann Groa Sheffield 
* Sacrifices Matilda Marks 
* Beautiful Laure Lynch

"He knows the darkness and the light
The heavens and the sea
A horn we raise in welcome to
The god of ecstasy..." - Diana L. Paxson

* Raven Father Jennifer Tifft  
* Old God Jim Wise
* AllFather Johnny Whitebread 
* Shared Laure Lynch
* At the Tree Galina Krasskova 

November Song to Odin Siegfried Goodfellow 
* Father of Storms  Patricia LaFayllve
* Song for Odin  Donaldsson, Karl - lyrics & mp3
* Prayer to Odin D.J. Conway
* The Lay of Bileyg  Jack Hart

"Who wants to live forever....?" - Queen

* Allfather´s Song  Teri Wachowiak
* Rune Song Galina Krasskova 
* Death Voyage Matilda Marks
* Doom of Odin Jimmy Joe 
* Thirst Galina Krasskova

* Hail to Odin Eddie-David Berrier
* Odin Is Jackie Hannigan
* My Father
Eddie-David Berrier
* At a Lack Michaela Macha
* Odin's Men
Cameron Eubanks

"You are the call, I am the answer
You are the wish and I am the way
You're the music, I the dancer
You are the night and I am the day."
- "The Call And The Answer", Phil Colclough, sung by De Dannan


Odin on Sleipnir by
~spanielf: This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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