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Odin is loose, beware of his noose !

* The Ravens Michaela Macha
* The Origin and Secrets of the Blank Rune Robert Silvers
* The Manatee Song
Hilla Hamasdohtor
* Away In A Longship John Macintyre
* The Near Marriage of Thrym Dunstan LeHeryngmongere
* Asatru Persuasion  Ingeborg S. Nordén  
* I´m a Seidhkona Diana Paxson

* One Of Odin´s Now
Michaela Macha
* Nine Daring Asatru Michaela Macha
* An Ull Yule Drool Doug Freyburger
* The Thong of Thor  Anonymous  
* Grendel / Grendel part two Leslie Fish & Kathy Mar / Skald-Brandr Toralfsson

* The City Heathens go to Blot Michaela Macha
* Song for Hanging Kolag Hraban
* Heathens at the Stopsign Ingeborg S. Nordén
* The Heathen Chicken
Ingeborg S. Nordén
* A Few of my Favorite Things Quinn

"Look, son! The Bloodeagles are flying low... It is going to be a beautiful day!"

* T-H-O-R Mike Hicks
* If you Want to be A Viking Michaela Macha
* To Be Christian or Not to be Christian? Telsa Gwynne 
* Wodan´s Children  Patricia Shaw Mathews
* Heathen Limericks Michaela Macha

* As a Viking Cynthia Haywood
* Beer Maids of Valhalla Kathi McKenzie
* Hrodulf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Philip Craig Chapman-Bell
* Viking Haiku Cynthia Haywood
* The Havamal for New Yawkas NYMAS

* 'Twas the Ancestors' Night Michaela Macha
* Midgard´s Isle (Gilligan´s Island Filk) Michaela Macha
* Amazing Grace Michaela Macha
* A Spotter´s Guide to Heathens Thorskegga Thorn & Dragon
* Odin and Thor in China G.Robin Smith

"Today´s mighty oak is just yesterday´s nut that held its ground."

* If I Had a Hammer  Alwin of White Stone Hearth
* In Asgard´s Fair City  Aswulf 
* Roll out...  Frigga Asraaf 
* The Volkswagen Saga Eric Wolfsbane

* How Many Horns  Alwin of White Stone Hearth & Aswulf
* Hello Wodan  Alwin of White Stone Hearth  
* Good News, Valkyrie´s Coming  Michaela Macha
* What Shall We Do With a Drunken Heathen  Michaela Macha

* Swing Low, Sweet Valkyrie  Michaela Macha
* A Fateful Visit  Michaela Macha
* Haakon and the Abbess John T Mainer 
* The Spotter´s Guide to Heathens Thorskegga Thorn

"All people smile in the same language." - Anon.

* Hunter´s Yule Vargr the Outlander 
* Bubbamal - The Havamal according to Ben "Bubba" Waggoner

* Beowulf  Rathflaed DuNoir 
* I am going to Vallhalla   Jordan Heron
* The Wild Hunt Song Jordsvin

* I´m a Viking  Elfride the Landless 
* Valhalla Drive  Talis Kimberley
* The Pragmatic Heathen Song Alwin of White Stone hearth 

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, "Where have I gone wrong?"
Then a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night."
 - Charles M. Schulz

* A Grazing Mace Jenna of Southwind
* Norse of Course  Erika Milo 
* A Grazing Mace Skald-Brandr Toralfsson  
* Viking Song   Beth Wheeler
* Saga of the Lightbulb Kim Thorn 

R.T.F.E. (Read the Freakin´Eddas) Ingeborg S. Nordén
* The Asatru Song  Karl Donaldsson
* Big Axe  Ragnar Morkwulf
* Do Frey
Karl Donaldsson
* The Real Old Time Religion  Joe Bethancourt et al.

* A Viking Christmas Carol Guy L Bradley
* D-R-Y-H-T-E-N Robin Herne
* The Frey Song
Karl Donaldsson
* Give it to Frey
Karl Donaldsson lyrics & mp3
* Let Mead flow on Midgard
Karl Donaldsson

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." - Philip K. Dick

People, That's Not Asatru  Ingeborg S. Nordén
Old Norse is Insane  Ingeborg S. Nordén
* Song for Thing´s Tide
Karl Donaldsson
* A Nordic Yule Michael G. Tucker

* The Tyr Song
Karl Donaldsson

* The Whey
Karl Donaldsson
* Valkyrie in My Pocket Cynthia Haywood
* Einheri the Eighth Alexa Duir 
* Ode to Thor Alexa Duir
* Mead-Wall
Analemma McKee-Schwenke

* The Harper and the Viking  Mark A. Mandel 
* The Attack of Grendel Ben Waggoner 
* You Might be a Viking if...  Nordhvind Odhinnsgodi
* A Heathen in New Zealand Matt Kiessling 
* You Know You´ve Been Heathen Too Long When Lorrie Wood 

* Bjorn the Viking Jeff Wolf
* The ABC's According to Beowulf
Rathflaed DuNoir
* Half Shirts, Half Truths John T Mainer (story)
* 'Twas the Night Before Yuletide Mikki Fraser
* Barrow Boys Michaela Macha

* Swing Low, Sweet Valkyrie-Maiden KveldúlfR Gundarsson
* The Runatal for Geeks Michaela Macha
* Thor Acrostic Ben Waggoner
* The Tollund Man Pub Song Ben Waggoner
* The Nerd-Dís's Niðstöng Lorrie Wood

* I Loaned My Sword to Ori
Ron Snow
* Big Axe
Ron Snow
* Drink to the Sword Ron Snow
* Olaf's House Ron Snow
* Raw Green Mead Ron Snow

* Odin Wants Me Jordsvin
* Nidhogg Gnaws the Little Nithlings Jordsvin
* It's An Ale Hall, After All!  Keith A. Sauers

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