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Sagjam, Harja
* Skadhi´s Lament 

Sample, Izak
* Apple of my Eye

Sarieddine, Bashir
* Heimdall, Guardian of the Gods
* Goddess of Love and Fertility
* Valhalla Awaits Me
* Ragnarök, impendent Victory
Battle Symphony

Sauers, Keith A. 
* It's An Ale Hall, After All!

Sazynski, Shirl
A Prayer to Ingvi

Schmitt, Dirk
* The Grey Man  
* Wedding Bede  

Schütz, Michael 
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Seacrist, Andrea (Knicole)
* Valhalla

Serhus, Jon Erik 
* Soul Brother  
* Frost on the Prowland 

Sheffield, Ann Groa
* Beaduhild
* Song for Sif  
* Skadhi´s Arming  

* An Invocation to Skadhi
* Brisingamen  
* Valfather  
* A Spindle Song
* A Meal Blessing  
* Abend-Bede (Evening Prayer) 
* Gunnlodh´s Choice  
* Mourning Song  
* Thrym´s Wedding  
* Yule Night

Shelby, Brad
* Hail Odin
* Wanderer Which I Follow

Sherill, Steve 
* Holy Tidings for the Yule

Shewchuk, Heidi
Hail to Sunna

* Thor
* Freyja

Silbernagel, Clyde 
* Land of Fire and Ice  
* Etin of Ice  

Silfrinlogi, Skirar
* A Small Ode to the Gods
* Let us Drink
Ode to Bragi
* Way of Wyrd
Words Are Powerful

Silvers, Robert
* The Origin and Secrets of the Blank Rune

Singh-Anand, Jeva
* Baldur's Return

Sir Hattington
* The King and the Jester (story)

Skald, Sorn
* Whoever First Quenches the Flames  
* Thor´s Fishing Trip  
* Wisdom
* Mistletoe

Skallagrimsson, Wayland 
* Halfblind

* A Children´s Rune Rhyme 

Skoog, Kevin
I come to the Hall
* Runes Cast  

Skullsplitter, Thorrfin
* Protector of Kin

* Ode to King Radbod
* When Yule Fires Burn
* Götterdämmerung
A Bargain for Skadi

Smart, Duncan
* Song of Three Nights

Smith, GregRobin 
* The Fighter´s War Cry is Poetry  
* In Her Name (Or: The War Prize)
Odin and Thor in China

Smith, James 
* Conversation with a Corpse  

Smith, Mike 
* A Jul Poem
* Some Modern Rune Poems

* Son of Lightning

Smith, Ron
* Odhin or Calling Down The Hunt  

Smith, Terry 
* Listen to the Wind 

Snow, Ron (Ragnar Ulfgarsson)
Battle Skald
* Big Axe
* Dragon´s Gold
* Dragon Ship
* Drink to the Sword
* I Loaned My Sword to Ori
* Olaf's House
* Raw Green Mead

* AVE, ODINUS DOMINUS (Hail, Lord Odin)
Hymn to Ostara

* The Lament of a Father

Stands, Marshall
* The Old Anew
* In Spite of Ran
Rumbles Come

Starwalker, Jj
* For Saga
* Winter Carol

* Yggdrasil

Steinbach, Renate
* Helja 

Stenseth, Egil 
* Hear me Aesir

Stinson, Mark Ludwig
* Never Forgotten
* Call to the Folk
* Bravest in Battle
* The Ísland Journey

Stockinger, Anna
* Asgard´s Drighten Once Looked Out 
* Good Heathen Folk Rejoice  
Hark the Heathen Folk  
* Masters in This Hall 
* Modranecht
* Nos Galan - “Winter” 
* Oh Come All Ye Kinfolk 
* Ostara Carol
* Sing Aloud on this Day!
* The Sussex Carol 
* Come One, Come All
* Weihnachtsspruch

Stockwell, J.
* Norse Ghost Story

* Alin and the Rainbow Bridge

Stonehaven , Michael 
* Halfdan


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